Stop wasting time and start recording tracks as soon as your mind gets inspired.


The Studio Stick is a small portable 20 in. case that can be adjusted anywhere up to 6 ft. Once pulled open, it encompasses a microphone, pop filter, reflection filter, phone/tablet holder and stand


Currently, many musicians or others who like to record their vocals don’t have the ability to conveniently record themselves whenever they’re on the go.


The Studio Stick is a portable device that allows users to record full high quality music or audio tracks anywhere at any time directly on their cellular devices.


  • Only 20 in x 8.5 in
  • Only weighs 10 lbs.
  • Expands anywhere up to 6 ft
  • No assembly required/Only expand
  • Comes w/ Studio Stick recording app

Record Full Hi Quality Music Or Audio Tracks

The Studio Stick upgrades the artists cell phone recording experience by giving them portable hardware that increases the quality when recording.

Crystal Quality Music/Audio Recording

The included microphone connects to your cell phone or tablet to give you a very professional and high quality experience when recording your tracks.

Comes With Excellent Recording App

The included Studio Stick app allows users to mix, master, copy, paste, etc., just as you would when finishing up a track in a professional studio.

100% Smartphone & Tablet Friendly

The Studio Stick works with both Samsung and iOS operating systems. This product can be adjusted to be used with cell phones or tablets.

Portable? i definitely gotta check this out!

50 Cent

Dope idea!


I would love to learn more about Studio Stick

Scott Page, Original Pink Floyd Saxophonist

This product is definitely a good idea! I most definitely can see artists using this!

Frank Jackson, Cleveland, OH Mayor

Portable recording studio? That's really crazy bro, I love that!


Innovative Design

Our well engineered design of the Studio Stick allows for it to be portable, convenient, and efficient, all while giving the users a full experience of a professional studio.

Completely Adjustable

The Studio Stick’s height is completely adjustable so that anyone can record on it all the way from tots to elders.


We priced this product so that we can make it affordable to a majority of the people while still giving them a high quality product that they can use.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

The Studio Stick will come with tutorial videos so that even user that aren’t familiar with recording and mixing tracks can learn new skills and make great tracks.

Award Winning

The innovation of the Studio Stick has already won cash prizes and other rewards that has helped to bring this product to life.

Continuous Updates

The Studio Stick app will continuously be updated in order to keep users with new content while giving them an updated and revolutionary feel at all times.