Who Are We?

Company Description
Studio Stick LLC is a small start-up company owned by Brandyn Armstrong and located in Cleveland, Ohio that has determined that today’s modern artists don’t have ease of access to high quality portable studio equipment. This makes it difficult for artists to capture the spontaneous moments of their creativity.
Studio Stick LLC has designed and created a portable music studio tool that allows users to compose high quality music or audio on their cellular devices when used in conjunction with a high quality recording application, which optionally can be used to replace traditional recording studio systems that are expensive, cumbersome, and/or restrictive to a fixed studio location.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Studio Stick LLC to provide musicians and artists with portable studio equipment that would fulfill their needs. We want to obtain profitable growth through innovation, superior customer service, quality, and commitment.

Vision Statement
Studio Stick LLC’s vision is to connect artists from all aspects of the world to a larger audience by allowing them to capture their ideas the moment that they’re inspired. We will be providing opportunities to easily record high quality music or audio at any time or place.

Our Progress

Phase 1 - Feasability


Phase 2 - Proof of Concept


Phase 3 - Scale-Up